Update on little Gina. Surgery went very well on 10/20/14. Baby Gina had her eye removed and will have the stiches out in 2 weeks. The total cost was $629 which doesn’t included the $150 initial office visit for diagnoses/meds/test for aids & leuk. A big thank you to the people who donated to help with surgery totaling $215.
Gina is still available for adoptions and needs a permanent home.  Thank you.This little kitten (Gina, named after the lady who found her) has a ruptured eye that needs to be removed.  Surgery is scheduled for 10/20/14.  Doctor Diaz will perform the surgery.  Animal Medical Clinic, 200 Sheldon Road, Manchester.We are asking for donations to help with the cost.  You can call the vet directly and pledge your donation or use the PayPal link on this website or mail a check to PO Box 8100, Manchester CT 06040.
We will keep you up to date and post pictures after the surgery.

To give you an idea of how tiny she is see the picture below of my 14lb Bichon.
Gina the kitten is snuggled up beside his tail.

We are also looking for a permanent home for Gina.  We are asking for $100 adoption donation to help with the cost of her surgery.  If interested in adopting Gina please call Tami – 978-726-1446.

Thank you.

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